Register by Texting

"FullName Birthday"

To 248-975-7512

Example: "John Allen Doe 03071969"
  • Use your legal name (First Middle Last)
  • Format birthday MM DD YYYY or MMDDYYYY
  • Text "Settings" after for a link to add email, preferred name, address and other settings.
  • We use text messages for invites, scores and assignments.
  • Why Birthday?
    • Lots of people have the same name. We need another identifier.
    • Very few people are born the same month, day and year.
    • It is the only thing that doesn't change. People change emails, phones and even names.
    • It is easier to understand a date than the spelling of someone's name.
    • Age/Birthdate is important in some of our activities.
    • You can easily look up almost every celeberty, athlete, politician or neighbor's birthday online. It doesn't give you access to anything.
  • It is easier to look up someone by their birthday than try to spell their name.
  • CALL the phone number if you have problems.